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I'm Jacob Muselmann. I'm a seasoned journalist and content creator. Food, travel, tech, and entertainment have been my recent focus, but I'm interested in engaging thinking audiences on any subject. I'm looking for new opportunities in Berlin, Madrid, and anywhere I can telecommute. Examples of my writing can be found in the sentences above, as well as this one. 

I've written and erased for publications such as Vice, Bon Appétit, BuzzFeed, Paper, Saveur, Fast Company, The Ritz-Carlton Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma, studied journalism at the University of Kansas, and am currently toggling between Berlin and New York City. 

Have a question or hankerin’ to hire? Just got a case of the hellos? Email me. If you seem to be a human or an exceptionally enterprising young robot, I'll respond.