Hello, internet user.

I'm Jacob Muselmann. I'm a freelance journalist and copywriter who writes mostly about food, travel, art, and technology. But truth be told, I love putting on new rhetorical wigs and do it all the time.

I've written and edited for publications such as Vice, Bon App├ętit, BuzzFeed, Paper, Saveur, Fast Company, The Ritz-Carlton Magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma, studied journalism at the University of Kansas, and am currently based somewhere between Berlin and New York City. In my other life I fancy myself an interdisciplinary artist, flitting between ink, text, and digital painting and sculpting, or whatever else tickles. My side dishes are poetry and modeling.

Would you like to hire me for a job, or ask me a question? Email me. If you seem to be a human, a nice one, I'll respond.